Sunday, November 28, 2010


In this case, obesity would have prevented a jail break.
Kristopher Allen White, 23, a skinny church burglar who is 5’ 11" tall and weighs 165 pounds, escaped from the Haywood County jail in Brownsville, Tennessee on Monday morning by managing to squeeze himself through the four-and-a-half inch gap between the steel bars covering his jail cell window. It is believed that his cellmate help push him out the window. White dropped to the ground and made his getaway by draping his jail blanket over the barbed wire fence surrounding the jail.
White was in jail for burglarizing several churches earlier this year. He had been extradited from Texas last July to face five burglary charges.
"It's beyond my imagination to know how he succeeded at that," said Haywood County Sheriff Melvin Bond about the escape. "It appeared that Christopher got his head through those bars some type of way and he was able to gain freedom."
White’s freedom was short-lived. He was recaptured 14 hours after his escape.

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