Friday, November 05, 2010


More phony baloney on the internet.
By now many of you have received e-mails screaming about the $200 million per day cost of Obama’s 10-day trip to India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan in which he was taking along 3,000 people in addition to Michelle and his two daughters while deploying 34 U.S. navy warships, including an aircraft carrier, off Mumbai for his protection.
Among the deluge of e-mails was this comment from by Bill Wilson of the Word of Life Ministry: ‘As part of the checks and balances of the Constitution, Congress should morally and justly demand scrutiny of every expense of a 10 day trip to South Korea and India the man who occupies the Oval Office is taking with his wife and children that is projected to cost taxpayers some $2 billion. Yes, you heard it right--$2 BILLION for 10 days.’
$200 million per day? How absurd! The Goddamn war in Afghanistan ‘only’ costs $190 million per day. 34 warships? Shit, that’s 10 percent of the whole fucking U.S. Navy.
Many of the e-mails also claimed that Obama had rented the whole Taj Mahal for the 3,000 people accompanying him and that 40 aircraft were being used to transport everybody.
It all got started on November 2nd when the Press Trust, an Indian newspaper, published an article reporting that an unnamed government source claimed the president's trip would cost $200 million a day, that he was bringing 3,000 people and had rented the whole Taj Mahal Palace Hotel for them (not the Taj Mahal, as much of the internet crap had Obama doing), that he would be guarded by 34 American warships and that 40 aircraft would be making the trip.
That story was quickly picked up and spread all over the internet. All of it was pure hogwash and those who originally picked it up and passed it on damn well knew it. For the Obama haters it was just another way to falsely smear the president. But what really gets me though is that so many people - among them Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., a Tea Party leader - actually believed this $200 million per day shit.

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