Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Justice delayed is justice denied.
35 years on death row. Talk about endless appeals. And Roland Chambers, this worthless piece of shit, was going through yet another appeal. He had been transferred to the Dallas County jail where he was preparing for another sentencing trial at the time of his death. The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the new trial because the jury that condemned him to death had not been told of his impoverished upbringing and his exposure to violence and drugs.
Impoverished upbringing and exposure to violence and drugs? Those are mitigating circumstances against imposing a death sentence? Holy fuck, I’m about to puke.
A 55-year-old inmate who spent nearly 35 years on Texas death row for the abduction and murder of a college student has died of natural causes
November 15, 2010
DALLAS —Roland Chambers, 55, the longest-serving prisoner on Texas death row, has died of natural causes in the Dallas County Jail, sheriff’s office spokeswoman Kim Leach said Monday.
Leach said Chambers died at Parkland Memorial Hospital after he was found on the floor of his cell in the Dallas County Jail, where he’d been held since May 2009 pending resolution of an appeals issue.
She said Chambers was transferred to the jail with "a series of health complications."
He died Friday, she said.
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice lists Chambers, who served nearly 35 years, as the longest-serving inmate on death row.
He arrived on Jan. 8, 1976, three days before his 21st birthday, after he was convicted of the abduction and murder of a Texas Tech student Mike McMahon, 22, who was visiting Dallas.
He and his date were abducted from the parking lot of a nightclub and driven to the Trinity River where they were robbed and shot.
The couple apparently survived the shooting, but McMahon was beaten to death after he called out to his companion.

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