Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A Muslim, this former goat herder apparently didn’t buy into the American concept of honeymoon and marriage.
Mail Online
November 23, 2010
An Uzbek has been arrested after hospital workers found horrific cuts on his pregnant wive's body... which he had allegedly carved with his house keys.
Ozodoa Khakimov was being prepared for childbirth in Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn, when the discovery was made on Friday.
Ulubek Khakimov, who married his Uzbek partner last December, was promptly arrested, and is also alleged to have threatened to kill his wife and her baby.

The hospital staffers discovered scars that spelled out the words 'bitch' and 'whore' in Cyrillic, the alphabet of her native land.
'He started beating me on the day of our wedding,' the 23-year-old told the Daily News, New York.
'One time he wrote bad words on my leg, and another time with a key on my neck.'
Mrs Khakimov described how her husband, 26, had sliced the epithets into her skin before they came to U.S. - so he was not charged in connection with those.
But he used a key to gouge the words into her chest, thighs, neck and stomach while the couple lived in New York district Midwood, starting in August and as recently as last week, the victim said.
'On top of that, he was beating me while I was pregnant,' said Mrs Khakimov, adding that she stayed with her husband because 'I thought he was my family'.
Just before midnight on Friday, Mr Khakimov called his wife at the hospital and said he was coming there to kill her and the newborn baby, court papers say. When he arrived the police were waiting and arrested him.
He told police his wife was 'making the accusations' of mutilation because she wants a divorce.
He was charged with 27 counts of assault, menacing, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment.
'I feel safe,' Mrs Khakimov said after her husband's arrest. 'I have peace in my mind. Now I have a son to take care of. I have a new man in my life.'

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