Thursday, October 25, 2012


Copheimer’s is a loss of brain function peculiar to law enforcement officers that causes cops to lose their guns in public restrooms

Last week a businessman from Ohio went into one of the public restrooms at Denver International airport and found a .45 cal. Glock pistol on the back of a toilet seat. The gun had 10 rounds in its magazine and one round in the chamber. The Ohio traveler notified the Denver police and they turned the gun over to an FBI agent. The Glock was found to belong to a Drug Enforcement Agent who was scheduled to fly from Denver to Houston. The DEA agent was able to retrieve his gun after the FBI verified that it was his department issued weapon.

The DEA agent told the FBI that he went into the restroom to take a crap. He removed the Glock from his holster and laid it on the back of the toilet seat. After completing his business he left the stall without remembering that he had laid his piece aside.

Apparently, a lot of cops are suffering from Copheimer’s Disease. The Houston Chronicle’s Dane Schiller reports that “there have been a stream of incidents involving officers and agents from various agencies, leaving their guns in bathrooms in airports and at least once, on a plane.”

In August, a Secret Service agent left a gun in the bathroom on presidential candidate Mitt Romney's plane. It was found by a reporter traveling with the campaign. In 2011, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer left his gun in a shitter at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport. Also last year, a federal agent left a gun in an El Paso airport restroom.

Schiller says that guns found in airport restrooms tend to make headlines, but most of the incidents involving cops who lost their guns get little if any public notice. “The Department of Homeland Security had 179 firearms go missing from 2006 through 2008 - in places like cars, restaurants and bathrooms - because officers did not properly secure them, according to a 2010 report by the agency's Office of Inspector General.”

So here is my warning to all law enforcement officers: Don’t take a crap while packing heat! You could be suffering from Copheimer’s Disease.

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