Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Steve Slater, a JetBlue flight attendant, finally got fed up. By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Slater left his job in an abrupt and most unusual manner.
As any of you airline passengers know, whenever a plane lands at an airport, there is a PA announcement by the flight crew instructing everyone to stay in their seats until the aircraft comes to a complete stop as it taxies to the terminal. And you also know that some passengers ignore that announcement and jump out of the seats to retrieve their luggage from the overhead compartments.
When Slater asked a woman who ignored the instructions to sit down, she told him to "fuck off." And then a piece of luggage the woman was pulling from the overhead compartment struck poor old Steve in the head. What happened next is described by Hair Balls:
__Slater -- in a moment of sheer inspiration -- went to the PA system, said "To the motherfucker who told me to fuck off, it's been a good 28 years!!"

__He grabbed two beers, pulled the lever to make the emergency chute deploy, and slid down into greatness.
Slater, who became an instant folk hero, was subsequently arrested. While out of a job and facing felony charges for activating the escape chute, he may be able to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame with some TV appearances. But then what?

Slater could be sentenced to prison for up to seven years but will almost certainly get probation. And when his fame fades, he will be broke and jobless. Slateer's abrupt outburst and exit from the plane can best be described this way: STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

The criticism of Mrs. Obama’s Spanish vacation put me off. While I agree that Michelle could have picked a less lavish vacation spot and would have been better served vacationing in the good old USA, I thought she and her young daughter had every right to take a vacation in Spain despite these tough economic times. I saw the criticism as nothing more than a cheap political attack on the Obama administration.
No matter where she would have vacationed, Mrs. Obama and her daughter, Sasha, would have been accompanied by an official entourage. It is my understanding that the taxpayers are only going to be stuck for the expenses of 10 staffers and dozens of secret service agents. And, of course, there is also the cost of the Air Force plane taking the vacationers to and from Spain.
But now some new information has popped up that has me joining the critics of that vacation. Lynn Sweet, a respected Chicago Sun Times journalist, told CBS News that Michelle chose the Spanish vacation to take along a close friend from Chicago in order to make her feel better over the recent death of her father. But why Spain and why at this time? Because her friend’s daughter, a playmate of Sasha’s when the Obamas lived in Chicago, wanted to celebrate her birthday in Spain.
If Sweet’s story is true, there was absolutely no excuse for Mrs. Obama’s lavish Spanish vacation. If she wanted to make her friend feel better, instead of taking her on that Spanish vacation, Michelle should have invited her for a prolonged stay at the White House.

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Centurion said...

My dog died last week. Nobody took ME on a vacation....