Sunday, December 30, 2018


by Bob Walsh

This mess occurred in Columbia County, Florida just after Christmas. Three boys were in the house, an 11-year old and a 13-year old who lived there, and a 14-year old who was visiting. For reasons not quite clear the 11-year old retrieved a semi-automatic pistol from somewhere in the house, removed the magazine but not the round in the chamber, pointed it at the 14-year old and pulled the trigger. The pistol discharged. The 14-year old died.

The boys at first claimed the dead kid threatened them with a knife. They got a knife and placed it by the body in what they later admit was an attempt to avoid blame. It didn't work.

The 11-year old is now a guest of the county. The cops found two other handguns in the house. In Florida it is illegal to leave unsecured firearms where a child can access them. The parents may be charged. The 11-year old has not yet been charged.

This is a tragedy all around. Lock up your damn guns!

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