Friday, December 21, 2018


by Bob Walsh

London Breed is the mayor of the People's Republic of San Francisco. She is a black woman and, as one would expect under the circumstances, a good liberal. Jerry Brown is the outgoing governor of the People's Republic of California. He is also a good liberal, at least most of the time.

London Breed has a brother who is a no-good bastard and a criminal. He is, however, still her brother. Back in 2000 he started doing a 44 year stay as a guest of the state. Mayor Breed wants Jerry to commute his sentence and kick him loose, in the interest of fairness and rehabilitation. He would not normally be eligible for parole consideration for another 15 years.

After two trials the brother, Napoleon Brown, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, robbery, carjacking and other assorted nastiness. He and a buddy robbed a business and carjacked Lenties White while fleeing. They pushed her out of her moving car and the mother of two was struck and killed by another car.

Mayor Breed's letter to Governor Brown does not mention that she originally gave her brother a false alibi. Apparently she thinks that after callously murdering a young mother of two that her brother should get a chance for another bite of the apple. Maybe she can get him a cushy job with the city. I wonder who is taking care of the two young children who Lenties White left behind?

I also wonder what his past BEFORE this incident was like. I have worked in the system long enough to know that almost nobody goes to prison the first time. You have to work hard to go to prison. I wonder what other efforts Mr. Brown had to make to become a long-term guest of the state?

So, what do you think? Is Jerry going to kick a going away present in for the homegirl and her family? Personally I've got my doubts, but with Jerry you honestly never know.


Dave Freeman said...

Kinda harsh there, aren't ya Bob? I'm thinking that if only the state were to provide this unfortunate man with an anger management class, an education, and a good well paying job when he gets out (sis could take care of the last item), this man might just turn his life around and maybe make a huge contribution to society. Or maybe not.

I do know this. If dude had killed my sister, or mother, or wife in that manner and was then granted an early release...I'd be waiting for him when he got out.

BarkGrowlBite said...

Gee Dave, you're a really, really sweet guy. I mean, waiting for the poor dude to walk out of prison to give him a loving hug and offer to help him turn his life around. That's so awful neat.

bob walsh said...

Yup, that's me. Mr. Harsh. Mea Culpa.

bob walsh said...

Much to my surprise even the Chronicle had a 1/2 editorial today (Friday) saying that her attempting to use her office to apply leverage to get her brother out early was inappropriate.