Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Gov. Jerry Brown sets record for pardons, commutations in California

LAPPL News Watch
December 24, 2018

When Jerry Brown was governor from 1975 to 1983, he pardoned 404 convicted criminals, removing the convictions from their records, and granted one commutation, shortening a prisoner’s sentence.

But during his past eight years in office, he has granted 1,189 pardons and 152 commutations, far more than any other governor in modern California history.

“The atmosphere, the gangs, the hopelessness, sentences that are so long ... the no-exit attitude has made it virtually impossible to have any strong rehabilitative atmosphere,” Brown said in an interview. “This has given me the interest, where I can, in instilling hope.”

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bob walsh said...

The California Supreme Court has squashed seven of those pardons in the last two weeks. It is not common knowledge but in CA executive clemency has a limiter on it. The governor can not pardon a MULTIPLE CONVICTED felon without the permission of the Supreme Court. Until last week this had not been done since about 1930. Jerry gets another record, dubious though it may be. Ho Ho Ho.