Sunday, September 29, 2019


by Bob Walsh

Assembly Bill AB 1724 (logged into their computer system as A01724) is moving thru their legislature. If passed it would, effective immediately, prohibit the sale of more than 20 rounds of ammunition in any 120 day period to any person for any weapon listed by the New York penal code as an "assault weapon." Violation is a Class E felony.


Trey Rusk said...

As more people move from New York State, I predict that it will wither and die.

bob walsh said...

I have seen studies in financial publications that indicate that when the total tax burden on productive citizens (the ones who actually pay taxes) exceeds 20% they start working very hard to relieve themselves of this burden. One of the effective ways of doing this is to move, assuming of course you have a job that is transportable.

Years ago the People's Republic of California attempted to continue to collect income tax on the state pensions paid to former CA employees who had retired out of state. The courts told them to bugger off.