Friday, September 09, 2011


I like Rick Perry. So does Kinky Friedman. And since Perry is the longest serving governor in the state’s history, it is obvious that most Texas voters like him too.

I watched Wednesday’s Republican debate. I thought Perry more than held his own as all the other candidates took him on. Where he came up somewhat short was in trying to defend some of the things he wrote in his book, Fed Up!.

Unfortunately for Perry, some of what he wrote in Fed Up!, and some of the things he said while campaigning ahead of Wednesday’s debate, will surely come back and bite him in the ass during his run for the Republican nomination and in the general election, should he be the Republican nominee.

When Perry called Social Security a huge Ponzi scheme and a monstrous lie he was referring to his belief that today’s 25 and 30 year olds will not get the SS benefits they’ve been promised because there will not be enough money left in the SS trust fund to pay them. Perry has left the impression that he’s out to do away with SS, although he’s never actually said so. His statements contradicting most of the world’s scientists on global warming and his stated doubts about the theory of evolution have led many to believe Perry is the anti-science candidate.

If Perry continues to stand behind those positions, he is very likely to see his lead over the other candidates evaporate. If he manages to hold on and end up with the Republican nomination, what he’s written in his book, and other statements he’s made, may cost him the crucial independent vote. If that happens, Perry will go down in flames.

One issue that will not hurt Perry in the run for the Republican nomination is his strong stand in favor of the death penalty. The governor said, “In the state of Texas, if you come into our state and you kill one of our children, you kill a police officer, you're involved in another crime and you kill one of our citizens you will face the ultimate justice and that is you will be executed.”

In the general election, those opposed to capital punishment would vote for Obama rather than for a death penalty advocate like Perry. And his pro-gun views won’t make any difference either because those favoring gun control would not vote for a Republican anyway.

Although I like Perry, I believe that Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman represent the best chance for Republicans to unseat Obama. Romney and Huntsman can get the independent vote. If Perry fades away during the run for the nomination, I would prefer Huntsman over Romney. The problem is that Huntsman is seen as too liberal by many Republicans and will probably fade away before Perry does.

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