Saturday, September 17, 2011


Political Correctness – or better yet, Religious Correctness – run amuck in the liberal bastion of Wisconsin. Whatever possessed the prison authorities to provide Wiccan inmates with their own chaplain? What the fuck is going on there?

By Jessica Satherley

Mail Online
September 15, 2011

A wheelchair-bound Wiccan prison chaplain claimed she was sexually assaulted by a drugged inmate after tricking him into taking part in her plan to get a transfer.

Jamyi J. Witch told the prisoner that if he took her hostage while behaving as though she was his mother they would both get a transfer out of prison, it was revealed by Gawker.

But instead, it is believed, she drugged him and had sex with him, tricking the guards outside the door into believing she was raped.

She is now facing charges of second-degree sexual assault and delivery of narcotics after her story unravelled, reported.

Witch, 52, was hired in 2001 by Wisconsin's Oshkosh Correctional Institution to be their first-ever Wiccan prison chaplain.

On August 10 this year the prison went into lockdown while Witch and a male inmate were barricaded in her office.

She claims that he had forced himself into the office, blocked the door and held her hostage, during which time he sexually assaulted her.

After an hour, the guards were finally able to lure the prisoner out by telling him 'he would get breakfast'.

But it soon emerged that the incident was all part of an intricate plan to get a transfer away from the prison.

Her version of events were put into question when Oshkosh Correction Warden Judy Smith intercepted a letter written by the inmate - addressed to his mother.

The inmate, who has been transferred to Green Bay Correctional Institution, had written that Witch had devised the hostage plan.

He said the chaplain wanted to leave the prison because of threats from staff members and he wanted to transfer because he had been attacked by three men while in his cell.

He said Witch suggested he come into her office, lock the door and start throwing things around.

During the hour they were barricaded in the office, as part of her plan he pretended Witch was his mother and they performed oral sex on each other.

She is said to have then given the inmate 15 sleeping pills and sang him lullabies.

All the while, prison officials were on the other side of the office door, thinking Witch was being held against her will and raped.

The inmate’s written statement said he had known Witch for years, from when he was being held at Waupun Correctional Institution.

He had also seen her approximately six times at Oshkosh since being transferred there in 2009.

Witch, of Omor, appeared at Winnebago County Circuit Court on September 2 and was charged with second-degree sexual assault by correctional staff, delivering illegal articles to an inmate and delivery of schedule I or II narcotics.

She faces over 58 years in prison and $160,000 in fines if convicted.

Witch will appear again in court on September 22 for a preliminary hearing.

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