Thursday, September 15, 2011


While Aussie human rights activist Dorina Lisson and I have had numerous vigorous arguments over the death penalty, which she fervently opposes and which I fervently favor, we have become dear friends because, despite our differences, I found her to be an honorable and decent young lady. While Dorina’s ‘pit bull’ attacks against the American correctional officers who carry out executions are way over the top and unwarranted, I understand that it’s just her way of expressing the cause she deeply believes in. Dorina is committed to the cause of human rights and I respect her for that.

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approached, Dorina and I exchanged a number of communications in which she expressed her deepest sympathy for America on this solemn occasion. On September 11 she wrote: TO OUR AMERICAN FRIENDS AND CLOSE ALLY, AUSTRALIANS REMEMBER 9/11.

During one of our exchanges I wrote, ‘Australia has been a steadfast ally and friend of the U.S. ever since we saved your bacon from the Japanese.’ And this is how Dorina responded to that:

Yes, I have heard many stories about America saving our bacon ... and Australians are often reminded of this via the media.

I guess if America had not saved our bacon, Australia would have been invaded and be speaking Japanese. In which case, my parents would have chosen to migrate to America instead of Australia. I have relatives living in PA.

I watched and listened as Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi delivered a heartwarming message to America [on the 10th anniversary of 9/11].

Keep in mind that the negative reports from Australia against America are mostly coming from new arrivals (Muslims) who hate everything about Western society. These people come here, then want to change our way of life.

And ... they have the audacity to call for Sharia law be introduced in Australia. If these people want Sharia law, I suggest they migrate elsewhere. Why migrate to a western country and culture if you hate it ?!?!

If the Western world doesn't do something real fast, the whole world will be speaking Arabic and most people will be stoned to death or beheaded for a mega-variety of non-violent acts against Islam.

EDITOR’S NOTE: God bless Australia and God bless Dorina Lisson!

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