Saturday, September 24, 2011


In keeping with its left-wing ideology, The New York Times joins its columnist Thomas Friedman and billionaire George Soros, two Israel-hating Jews of the worst kind. The Times, Friedman and Soros all pretend to be supporters of the Jewish state while doing everything in their power to ensure the eventual extermination of Israel by its enemies, the intractable Palestinians and their Islamic allies.

Here is an excerpt from an op-ed by Caroline Glick that was published in the September 23 issue of Jewish World Review:

Thursday the New York Times published a news story/analysis that essentially rewrote the history of the last two and a half years. The paper ignored Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas's open admission that US President Barack Obama compelled him to radicalize his own policies towards Israel when Obama demanded that Israel abrogate Jewish property rights in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as a precondition for negotiations. This was a precondition the Palestinians themselves had never demanded. And by making it a US demand, Obama ended any possibility of resuming negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel.

By the Times' telling, Obama is a victim of the combined forces of an intransigent Israeli government and the pro-Israel lobby that holds sway in Congress. These nefarious forces made it impossible for Obama to bring the sort of pressure to bear on Israel that would have placated the Arab world and paved the way for a peaceful settlement. And in the absence of such presidential power, Israel and its lobbyists wrecked Obama's reputation in the Arab world.

The lesson that Israel should take from the Times' borderline anti-Semitic historical revisionism and conspiracy theories is that Israel will never be rewarded for its concessions. The Times and its fellow anti-Israel activists don't care that since 2009 -- and indeed since 1993 -- Israel has made one concession after another only to be rewarded time after time with ever escalating demands for more concessions. The Times and its fellow Israel baiters have a story of Israeli conspiracies and bad faith to tell. And they will tell that tale regardless of objective facts and observable reality.

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