Friday, September 23, 2011


Michelle Bachmann, leader of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus, called on Congress to investigate the $1.25 million grant from the U.S. Justice Department’s Office on Violence Against Women for a study linking breast milk and serial rapists.

The research, which was conducted by Berkeley psychiatric researcher Ima Stoner, MD, PhD and her collaborator, Ura Schlemiel, PhD, found that breastfeeding plays an integral part in the development of serial rapists and recommended a ban on breastfeeding male infants.

Bachmann told her fellow caucus members that many Tea Party members had contacted her to complain about the huge sum awarded to Drs. Stoner and Schlemiel. Bachmann expressed the opinion that Dr. Stoner’s recommendation banning breastfeeding of male infants was unwarranted. She pointed out that her husband was breastfed and did not develop into a serial rapist.

Rep. Joe Putz, R-SC, agreed that the grant was way too excessive. He thought that $250,000 would have been enough to conduct such a study. “This is just one more example of unrestrained spending of taxpayer money by the Democrats,” Putz said. "America can no longer afford any more of these spending binges."

Rep. George Schmuck, R-NY, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee for Research Grants, promised Bachmann that his subcommittee would investigate Drs. Stoner and Schlemiel to see if any federal funds were misspent. And he intends to subpoena the Justice Department officials that approved the grant. He noted that both researchers were from Berkeley, a hotbed of left-wing radicalism. Schmuck said he was not surprised that President Obama’s appointees would make exorbitant funds available to a couple of radical left-wingers.

When Rep. Ron Paul, R-TX, was asked what he thought of Dr. Stoner’s finding linking breastfeeding and serial rapists and the recommendation that no male infants should ever be breastfed, he replied that, as a physician, he was not surprised by the results of the study. As for banning breastfeeding, Paul said that was up to each mother. As a libertarian, he emphasized that the government has absolutely no business interfering in the development of serial rapists. Paul said that if a mother chose to breastfeed her son that was her business, and if he turned out to be a serial rapist, then that’s the libertarian way.

Gov. Rick Perry was asked if he would consider issuing an executive order banning breastfeeding of male infants in Texas. Perry replied: “No way! I got burned when I issued an executive order mandating that all young schoolgirls be given the HPV vaccine Gardasil and I sure-as-hell don't aim to get singed again!”

When contacted in Berkeley about the pending congressional investigation, Drs. Stoner and Schlemiel both stated that they can account for every penny they spent of the $1.25 million grant. They said that on the advice of their attorneys, they could make no further comments.

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