Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When it comes to Israel, Thomas Friedman and George Soros are both Israel-hating left-wing Jews. The only difference between the two is that Soros is a billionaire while Friedman is only a millionaire.

This week New York Times know-it-all columnist Thomas Friedman went out of his way in blaming Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu for each and everyone of Israel’s woes and for forcing Obama to veto a bid by Mahmoud Abbas for UN recognition of an independent Palestinian state. Friedman, who offers a solution for any and all domestic and foreign problems, says that Netanyahu should have appeased Israel’s enemies, enemies that have vowed to exterminate the Jewish state.

Friedman wrote: “O.K., Mr. Netanyahu has a strategy: Do nothing vis-à-vis the Palestinians or Turkey that will require him to go against his base, compromise his ideology or antagonize his key coalition partner, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, an extreme right-winger. Then, call on the U.S. to stop Iran’s nuclear program and help Israel out of every pickle, but make sure that President Obama can’t ask for anything in return — like halting Israeli settlements — by mobilizing Republicans in Congress to box in Obama and by encouraging Jewish leaders to suggest that Obama is hostile to Israel and is losing the Jewish vote. And meanwhile, get the Israel lobby to hammer anyone in the administration or Congress who says aloud that maybe Bibi has made some mistakes, not just Barack. There, who says Mr. Netanyahu doesn’t have a strategy?”

Thomas Friedman, like George Soros, is one of those prominent Israel-hating left-wing Jews who pretends to be pro-Israel while doing everything he can to undermine the survivability of the Jewish state. Friedman is a jerk, but he’s not a stupid jerk. He knows full-well that neither the Israeli settlements, nor the status of Jerusalem, nor the shape of the Israeli border, nor anything else really matters to the Palestinians. The real and only problem the Palestinians have is the existence of the State of Israel.

The Palestinians will not be satisfied until the Jewish state is wiped off the global map. The Palestinians will not be satisfied until all Jews are gone from the Middle East. Friedman and Soros, those Israel-hating Jews, cannot help but be aware of Abbas’ oft repeated statement that “There will be only one state, a Palestinian state from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea.” Friedman and Soros cannot help but know that Abbas has declared that the Palestinians will never recognize a Jewish state.

Nevertheless, Friedman insists that he is speaking as a friend of Israel when he says that Obama’s UN predicament, the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Israel’s isolation in the international community are all Netanyahu’s fault. And Soros, who also insists that he is acting as a friend of Israel, keeps bankrolling a number of organizations that are doing everything they can to weaken and delegitimize the Jewish state. With friends like Thomas Friedman and George Soros, Israel sure as hell doesn’t need any enemies!

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