Tuesday, February 19, 2019


by Bob Walsh

The shooter in Aurora, Illinois had a gun he should not have had. The cops KNEW he had a gun he should not have had. They did cancel his FOID card but took no active steps to retrieve the now-known-to-be-illegal weapon.

If you assume that, from time to time shit happens, you should have a system in place to deal with the excrement. The guy bought the gun legally. When he applied for a carry permit they did a deeper dive into his background and found he was a convicted felon. They SHOULD HAVE retrieved the weapon. They didn't.

In the formerly great state of California the state KNOWS OF 9,000 weapons in the possession of prohibited persons. Governor Newsom, who hates guns and hates people who own guns, has vowed to improve funding for this purpose. In the entire 2017 calendar year the backlog was reduced by only 408, even though 3.500 names had been cleared either by the death of the person named or the expiration of the gun prohibition.

Many of the DOJ agents that deal with the issue have been carried as part-time employees year after year for several years due to the inability of the DOJ to get permanent positions approved.

It is probably Donald Trump's fault, acting in concert with the Macedonians.

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