Thursday, February 28, 2019


by Bob Walsh

Craig Coley, 71, was a guest of the people of the formerly great state of California for 39 years, for murders he did not commit. He was imprisoned for the murder of his girlfriend and her 4-yer old son.

He got out in 2017 after being pardoned by Moonbeam after a second investigation and examination of DNA evidence demonstrated actual innocence (as opposed to being unable to prove guilt).

His parents are now dead. They mortgaged their home to pay his legal fees.

Last year the state coughed up $2 million. Simi Valley has just payed $21 million, of which $4.9 million will actually come from city money and the rest from insurance.

There was DNA in the home that was NOT Coley's. Coley had an alibi. A witness that disputed the alibi was later pretty well discredited.

How do you pay someone for the loss of nearly half of their life? A lot of cash I guess.

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Trey Rusk said...

I would give back to society. Most of his life he has been called a murderer. He can't get that time back, but he can make a difference in other people's lives with the time he has left.