Wednesday, February 20, 2019


by Bob Walsh

Darrell Steinberg is a member of the perpetual, professional political class in the formerly great state of California. His current teat at the public trough is Alcalde de la pueblo de Sacramento. He just pretty much threw his own police department under the bus.

More than a year ago now a young black man named Stephon Clark was shot to death by the Sac P.D. They had been called, they were not just out harassing people. Clark had been busy breaking into automobiles, which is not very nice but is a misdemeanor. He then tried to break into an occupied home, which is a felony. When the cops challenged him he ran. He hopped fences. The cops pursued, which is what they are paid to do. He ended up in his grandmothers back yard (which of course the cops didn't know). They challenged him again, he turned with an object in his hand. The cops shot. He died. The object was a cell phone.

During his State of the City message today Darrell the Toad said up front that STEPHON CLARK SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED. I grant you he did not HAVE TO die. He could have not been breaking into cars. He could have not tried to break into an occupied house. He could have stopped when the cops challenged him. He could have frozen instead of turning around with an object in his hand when cornered.

It's a damn shame he is dead, but his death is due far more to his own actions and his own stupidity than any institutionalized issues within the Sacramento PD (IMHO). Darrell the Toad is trying to get on the right side of the BLM rioters, who will be out in force if the D.A. decides to not prosecute the cops. If she follows the law, that will be her decision. There is both body cam and helicopter footage of the whole mess. What happened is not much in doubt from a factual position.

I strongly suspect Darrell the Toad would be happy to trade a couple of cops to the rioters for "peace." But that's just because I think he is a sleazy asshole.


Trey Rusk said...

You can buy weapons disguised as cell phones.

Dave Freeman said...

I followed this from day one Bob. I fully agree with your analysis.