Monday, February 18, 2019


by Bob Walsh

A rather interesting lawsuit was just filed in the crime-ridden and gang-infested shithole sanctuary city of Oakland, CA.

Andrea Jones was a neighbor of Jesse Enjaian. I say was because Enjaian is dead, shot to death by the local constabulary two years ago. The basis of the suit is that (allegedly) the Oakland P D had a bunch of opportunities to deal with Enjaian prior to the gun battle on 02-17-17 but declined to do so because he was White.

The lawsuit alleges that Enjaian did, on at least three occasions in the week prior to his death, shoot up the neighborhood. Ms. Jones asserts that on at least two occasions after shooting into the neighborhood she personally talked with and complained to the cops. On neither occasion did they take him into custody. They attempted to question him, but he refused to talk with the cops.

At one time Enjaian shot up a parked car with a homeless black man sleeping in it.

Jones went to the HQ of the Oakland P D on Feb 15 2017 to complain about the lack of action. She was (allegedly) assured that an arrest was imminent.

Finally, on 02-17-17, Enjaian started shooting up Ms. Jones' house. The cops eventually arrived and after 40 minutes of incoming rounds they shot Enjaian to death.

Anne Kirkpatrick, the Chief of Police, has admitted that the OPD dropped the ball in this matter.

The civil suit names the Oakland P D, Officer Castro (who was at the 02-15 meeting) and the city in general for 14th Amendment violations, asserting that the cops did not act because Jones is Black and Enjaian was White.

I would not care to bet against Ms. Jones in this matter.

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Trey Rusk said...

I could not imagine being a cop in Oakland, Ca.