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Cuernavaca: Teen murders parents as a test to join organized crime

By Sol Prendido from Infobe

Borderland Beat
February 25, 2019

First he reported the disappearance of his parents, then he fell into contradictions and finally confessed to the crime

At the end of January a 16-year-old boy appeared at the Morelos Prosecutor's Office to report the disappearance of his parents, said mortified that he had tried to contact them on several occasions to his cell phone without success.

On January 21 were located in the Old Road to Santa Martha, Colonia Cerritos de Garcia in the town of Ahuatepec, the Municipality of Cuernavaca, the bagged bodies of Alejandro "N" and Martha "N".

The corpses were wrapped in black plastic bags with cinnamon tape around them. They had wounds by a knife.

After conducting various expert reports and collecting testimonies, authorities began to suspect the couple's son who had originally reported the disappearance.

Thanks to a search warrant issued by the Judge of First Instance for Control, Oral Trial and Sanctions Execution of the State of Morelos, the authorities presented themselves at the home of the deceased in Colonia La CaƱada, in the town of Ahuatepec.

During the investigations they found signs of blood, fragments of cinnamon tape and the child's shoes that had blood spatter, as well as a knife.

The investigations led the police to the home of a friend of the teenager, where incriminating clues were also found inside a taxi.

The son of the couple and his friend fell into contradictions and ended up confessing to the crime. They claimed that they had committed the double murder as part of a test to enter a drug trafficking cell that operates in the area.

The authorities are looking for a third individual who would have been involved. It is a taxi driver who allegedly belongs to the criminal group to which the children aspired to enter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Comment by ElGrandeRojo

How sad. You kill your own parents to join a cartel to be cannon fodder, and likely tortured and killed very soon. Especially since they've confessed. Oughta be a new YouTube video up soon starring these punks. What a culture to live in.

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bob walsh said...

How incredibly fucked up is that????