Thursday, February 21, 2019


by Bob Walsh

Remember Richard Jewel. A lawyer got him $5 million from one of the big three broadcasters (I forget which one) and an on-the-air apology for defamation.

The parents of the kid from Covington Christian High School who was the victim of a rather nasty AND TOTALLY UNJUSTIFIED AND INACCURATE character assassination have hired this guy to sue the Washington Post.......for $250 million. They have also sent demand letters to a whole list of the liberal asswipe sleazeballs and organizations (56 in total) who piled on without checking shit.

The lawsuit asserts that the paper "wrongfully targeted and bullied" the minor to advance its bias against Donald Trump and because the minor, Nicholas Sandman, is White and Christian..

The suit is being fully supported by the school. The lawyer is Lin Wood out of Atlanta.

The parents assert that the kids reputation is irretrievably damaged and the false, defamatory statements will negatively impact his future educational and employment opportunities.

I hope the kid wins BIG TIME.

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