Sunday, February 17, 2019


by Bob Walsh

A priest is ALWAYS a priest until the day he dies, UNLESS he is defrocked, which takes an action by the Pope to accomplish. It is rare.

Theodore McCarrick was at one time a big deal. He was the Cardinal and Archbishop of Washington, D.C. He was also a rump ranger and liked little boys as well as young seminary students.

He was ratted out more than once during his tenure with the church. None of those complaints were ever acted on or even properly investigated apparently. Perhaps the Popes involved did not want to know the answers.

A book just released by well-known gay authori Fredereic Martel titled IN THE CLOSET OF THE VATICAN asserts that there is a MASSIVE gay subculture within the walls of the Vatican. The book is based on 1.500 interviews including 41 Cardinals, 51 Bishops and 45 assorted diplomats. The book runs 555 pages and is being published simultaneously in eight languages in 20 countries.

McCarrick is very nearly 90 and "served" the church for 60 years. He is not going to be prosecuted for any of his misdeeds.

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Dave Freeman said...

Regarding your opening sentence...ya but...who can defrock a pope?