Wednesday, February 20, 2019


by Bob Walsh

The legislature of the formerly great state of California has begun a proposal that would eliminate the speed limit on parts of I-5 and Hwy 99 down the central valley between North Buttcrack and South Buttcrack.

Lets see, an 18-year old stoner with a minivan load of stoner buddies doing 110 down Hwy 99 to get home in time to see a rerun of Friends. Yep, sounds perfectly safe and reasonable to me.


Dave Freeman said...

We have sections of highway in Arizona designated as 75 mph zones. Anything much faster than that, I just can't see.

Also...didn't the liberal environmental progressive aristocrats establish a 55 mph maximum speed limit in California a few decades ago? To save on fuel so the polar bears and Delta shrimp could better survive by putting an end to global warming?

That's the problem with liberal progressive assholes. Their understanding of what is well as their moral judgment are constantly "evolving."

bob walsh said...

Actually CA still has a 55 limit for any vehicle combination, that is anything towing anything else. Other than that the max is 70. The 55 for everybody was a Jimmy Carter federal thing.