Thursday, March 28, 2013


Just because Christopher Dorner was not actually 'captured and convicted,' donors should not be able to weasel out of paying their pledged part of the reward

LAPD obtained pledges totaling $1.2 million from a number of businesses, law enforcement organizations, cities, etc. to be used as a reward for information leading to ‘the capture and conviction’ of sicko psycho ex-cop cop-killer Christopher Dorner. So far two parties have come forward to claim the reward, but several of the donors say they will not fulfill their pledges because Dorner committed suicide and thus was neither captured nor convicted.

The City of Riverside, which lost one of its police officers to Dorner’s murderous crime spree, has announced it will not provide the $100,000 it pledged because the terms for the reward – capture and conviction – were not met. Other donors, including a large police union, the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), are considering rescinding their pledges. Even the Los Angles Police Protective League (LAPPL) is considering whether or not to rescind its pledge.

In my opinion, the terms for the reward were met when information provided by several people led the pursuers to where Dorner was holed up. Never mind that shit about him not being captured and convicted. The donors are morally obligated to fulfill their pledges and should not rely on a technicality to weasel out of their obligation to provide the money.

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Anonymous said...

Peace Officers Research Association of California have joined the City of Riverside in living down to the lowest levels of lying and deceit.

Good luck getting anyone to take your offers of a reward seriously the next time you need information. Those who demonstrate such a lack of integrity can never be trusted. Never.