Tuesday, March 26, 2013


His lawyer claims the emails describing his client’s weirdo sexual desires were irrelevant because the lobbyist who made them available to a newspaper had been convicted of a crime. Yeah, right!

Democrat Joe Cryan sent lewd emails to lobbyist Karen Golding who pleaded guilty to stalking his girlfriend in 2006

By Kerry McDermott

Mail Online
March 25, 2013

A New Jersey politician referred to bondage and spanking in a series of lewd emails he sent to a female lobbyist who was later arrested for stalking him.

Karen Golding, who was detained in 2006 for stalking New Jersey Democrat Joe Cryan, said at the time she had been intimately involved with the politician - claims he has previously denied.

Now more than 150 graphic emails Mr Cryan, 51, sent to Golding - in which he instructed her to wear 'leather and boots' and invited her to surprise him at his office - have been published in a newspaper.

Mr Cryan was vice chairman of the state Democratic Party when he sent messages to Golding from the AOL email account listed on his official Assembly candidacy biography in 2004.

He also emailed her from his state government account and his account associated with his role as Union County undersheriff, according to the New York Post.

In one missive the Democrat - who is being touted as the party's next state chairman - asked Golding what she wanted to be 'spanked with', before adding: 'What will you wear to beg for it?'.

In other emails he referred to oral sex, 'Playboy-like' lingerie, and told Golding he was fantasising about her visiting him at his legislative office in Elizabeth, Union County, writing: 'Surprise visits are always nice'.

It is thought that Mr Cryan was sending the emails while at work, either in his role as an Assembly member or his $110,000 per year post as Union County undersheriff.

In one sent on July 21 2004, the politician asked the then lobbyist: 'You delete these emails, right?', as he urged Golding to dress up and surprise him at the Democratic National Convention in Boston the following week.

Mr Cryan served as Democratic Party state chairman between 2009 and 2010, and has recently been touted for a return to the role.

In 2006 Mr Cryan contacted police after Golding began harassing the politician and two women he dated, the report said.

She was convicted of stalking after she let herself into Mr Cryan's unlocked car and left a note.

Golding subsequently pleaded guilty to stalking one of the women.

Last month Golding filed the emails in Morristown Superior Court as part of a motion to reduce her sentence of two years' probation, 90 days on a sheriff's labour programme and $155 in penalties, the New York Post said.

A lawyer for the politician told the newspaper the emails were irrelevant, pointing out that Golding pleaded guilty to a crime.

Golding has declined to comment.

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