Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The Unconventional Gazette
March 12, 2013

Early this morning, while some of us were getting organized for the day’s tasks at the Armand Bayou Nature Center, fellow volunteer Fred and I got into a discussion on global warming. Professor Fred had this explanation for why the earth is warming up:

In addition to the carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles and industries, methane gas is a major contributor to global warming.

A thousand years ago there were only a few million humans on earth as opposed to the billions now inhabiting our planet. There were also only a few cows, sheep and hogs compared to the number nowadays. Whenever humans, cows, sheep and hogs poop, methane gas is released into the atmosphere.

Today, with billions of people and countless cows, sheep and hogs pooping several times a day all over the world, tons of methane gas are released into the atmosphere. When you add the methane gas to the automobile and industrial pollutants in the atmosphere, you get global warming.

In other words, according to Professor Fred, we are experiencing global warming largely because the earth is full of shit!

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