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This is carrying the ‘family together’ bit to the extreme.

‘El Sabritas’ took the wife and kids to executions

By Havana Pura

Borderland Beat
March 21, 2013

The Attorney General's Office reported that state agents arrested a gang of seven subjects who confessed to killing 26 people in this state, including four policemen and two journalists. Prosecution spokesman, Carlos Gonzalez Estrada, explained that the members belong to the criminal group "La Linea." The official said the alleged killers admitted to killing two members of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, a state cop, an agent, some say a transit cop. The arrest in El Provenir occurred when police officers observed a suspicious Chevrolet Malibu speeding without plates. The driver, identified as Marco Antonio Chavez Olivas aka "El Cepillo", tried to flee, but officers managed to stop him and verified the car was reported stolen. Chavez Olivas confessed to having more accomplices. Even with that information, it was not possible to determine the whereabouts of the six others.

Among those finally located and detained were Juan Carlos Sandoval Seanez alias "El Sabritas," He was arrested near his home driving a Ford Winstar model 2000 vechicle, with his wife, Melody Carolina Olvera Ortiz and two minor children.

Juan Carlos Sandoval Seanez is the 32 year old criminal cell leader, sicario and mastermind. He was arrested in possession of rifles and mobile equipment. In his statement he said that for four years he had been an active member of the criminal group called "La Linea." His specific role was to recruit low-income youths to use as "halcones," lookouts, car thieves, assassins, and those who "labor" for which he paid two thousand pesos a week.

Many are known for their ferocity, but "El Sabritas" goes down in Chihuahua history as a violent assassin who tricked the police by disguising himself, hiding in plain sight behind his "wife's skirt" as "family-man" but was really a sicario. He brought his wife and young children along to executions to witness his violence.

Declarations of "El Sabritas," noted he emphasized that his wife, Melody Carolina Olvera Ortiz, was aware of all his movements, and always accompanied him along with their two children to help go unnoticed by the authorities.

Juan Carlos Sandoval Seáñez, alias “El Sabritas,” his wife, Melody Carolina Olvera Ortiz previously mentioned as apprehended, as well as the other five detainees include Marco Antonio Chavez Olivas aka "El Cepillo"; César Sandoval Seáñez, alias “El Chanate”; Joaquín Ramírez Castillo, Javier Guadalupe Carrasco Chávez, Guillermo Alvarado Méndez.

Among the homicides are the four policemen, two from the city of Chihuahua, one state policeman and a Chihuahua transit cop. The prosecution said that the seven subjects are suspected members of a criminal group "La Linea," the armed wing Juarez Cartel, who operate in the city of Chihuahua and are responsible for many deaths.

From the detainees, officials confiscated four pistols, two rifles caliber 7.62 x 39, a long gun .223 caliber, a rifle H & K .45 and as hundreds of cartridges. "El Sabritas" is said to be the perpetrator of a dozen or more executions: and it should be recognized he also gave the instructions for the executions of many more people.

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