Friday, March 15, 2013


Maryland is about to abolish the death penalty. Correctional officers are rightfully concerned about the increased risk to their lives when a lifer will only get an additional life sentence if he kills a one of them. But Gary Maynard, Maryland’s secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, dismisses their concerns.

Maynard’s contention is absurd. Why would a lifer hesitate to kill a correctional officer if he has nothing to lose? Abolition of the death penalty will definitely put correctional officers at risk.

Here is what has been reported by the Star Democrat about what Maynard said:

__There is a special place in the Maryland prison system for criminals who commit the kind of crime as described by Colburn, and that place is North Branch Correctional Institution in Cumberland.
__Maynard said incidents involving correctional officers being assaulted by inmates have decreased dramatically over the years.

__"There are really no safety issues now," Maynard said. "We put the very dangerous people at North Branch. Those people are controlled very very tightly. We've had very few incidents there."

__He said anybody can say correctional officers would be in more danger without the possibility of an inmate getting administered the death penalty because of an attack, but the evidence indicates there shouldn't be any worry.

__Any fights at NBCI, Maynard said, have been fist fights, and contraband and weapons in the institution are negligible.

__Most prisoners in NBCI are locked in their cell for 23 hours a day, with the exception of those Maynard described as the "best behaved" inmates, who are allowed out longer to work, performing such duties as preparing food or mopping floors.

__Maynard said the punishment for the "worst of the worst" prisoners in NBCI is confinement.

__"It's (NBCI) not a good place to be. Most people don't like to be confined ... and restricted," he said.

And here are Jeff ‘Paco’ Doyle’s comments about Maynard’s views:

__Paco is absolutely incredulous that ANY corrections secretary would claim ANY system has “no safety issues.” Clearly, this man is a politician and a boob–He has no idea what he is talking about for, indeed, all CO’s are at risk as ANY facility can blow up without warning.

__Moreover, dismissing the very real escalation of the risk inherent to repealing the death penalty is both Pollyannish and dangerous–Offenders who have nothing to lose have no reason NOT to kill while behind bars. It’s not a theory, it is reality. Q.E.D.

And Bob Walsh says: Clearly this man [Maynard] is a lapdog or a serious fool, maybe both. If he really believes his statement he has no business running his department.

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bob walsh said...

I really do undersand those who say it is wrong to kill to show that it is wrong to kill. I get it. I don't agree with it, but I do get it. They should, however, maintain a death penalty for those who kill while in custody, or who kill after having been convicted once of murder.