Friday, February 01, 2019


by Bob Walsh

The late Charles Landereos, 30, was terminally rehabilitated by local cops in Eugene, Oregon after he opened fire on officers in a middle school. Landeros was the head, and chief firearms instructor, for the local AntiFa group and was engaged in a custody dispute with his former wife at the time of the shooting.

Landeros self-identified as non-binary and his/her announced goal was to defend and protect members of the LBGTQ community from being oppressed. His secondary goal was the overthrow of the fascist government.

Landeros had switched his daughter's school without his former wife's knowledge or consent. She was the custodial parent and brought paperwork to the school to demonstrate that fact. When the school notified Landeros he got pissed and came to the school. Armed.

Landeros refused to leave when ordered to do so and when the local constabulary informed him he was under arrest he pulled his gat and began shooting. He caught a police round in the head, pretty much settling the issue. Body cam footage has already been released which fully supports the officer's version of the shooting. The dead guy's daughter was in the corridor when this went down.

This apparently happened some while back as the DA and FBI have already given opinions on the shooting. Both agree that the shooting was legal and fully justified. The local nut brigade claim he was murdered by the cops because he was minority (Mexican and Filipino) and non-binary gender.

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