Tuesday, February 05, 2019


by Bob Walsh

I have never been a street cop. I have, however, been told by those who have been that having a uniform cop interrupt an on-view felony is fairly unusual, and having one break up a serious, violent crime is unusual indeed.

On Saturday afternoon Stockton, CA. P.D. officer Vincent Faso was dealing with a recovered unoccupied stolen car when he heard a woman screaming for help nearby. He responded and saw Isaiah Thomas, 40, stabbing a woman. Officer Faso ordered Thomas to drop the knife. He refused, and stabbed the woman again. Officer Faso shot Thomas. Thomas died. The woman survived and will likely be getting out of the hospital soon.

It was apparently some sort of domestic issue, which of course does not mean the woman would have been any less dead had not the officer intervened.

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Trey Rusk said...

Good job Officer Faso! Hose the area down and let's move on.