Monday, February 11, 2019


Egypt intervenes after 2 rock throwing Palestinians killed in Friday riots

Israel Hayom
February 10, 2019

Egypt has managed to rein in the various terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip after two Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire after hurling explosives and rocks at Israeli troops during border riots on Friday, the London-based Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported Sunday.

According to the report, Egypt is trying to keep the security situation in Gaza from escalating, which would affect attempts at a Fatah-Hamas reconciliation.

Egyptian officials reportedly held meetings with representatives of Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist groups in Gaza. The meeting came after Egyptian officials met with Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives last week to try to calm the situation.

On Friday, two teenagers – Hassan Shalabi, 14, and Hamza Ishtiwi, 18 – were fatally shot during clashes with Israeli forces during the weekly border protests, the Gaza Health Ministry reported.

Friday's protests drew thousands of Palestinians who gathered at five locations along the fence, throwing rocks toward IDF forces stationed behind the frontier.

Shalabi was hit in the chest in riot in southern Gaza and Ishtiwi was hit in the neck during clashes east of Gaza City.

The Health Ministry said 17 other protesters had also been wounded.

An IDF spokesman said troops faced off with more than 6,000 Palestinians, some of whom threw rocks and "a number of explosive devices, which exploded on the Gaza side of the fence."

The spokesman said soldiers used riot dispersal equipment and opened fire in accordance with standard operating procedures.

The protest campaign, launched by Hamas last March, has become a weekly event. Israel accuses Hamas of exploiting the protests as a cover to carry out attacks against its soldiers.

Last week, Israel began reinforcing its fence, erecting a galvanized steel barrier 6 meters (20 feet) high that will run the length of Gaza's perimeter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Look at the difference between Israel and the US. Ocks can cause serious injuries, even death. Israel deals with rock throwers on the other side of the Gaza border like it should … it shoots them. The US prosecutes a Border Patrol officer for murder because he shot a rock thrower on the other side of the Mexican border.

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