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HPD Chief Art Acevedo grandstanding and politicizing the attempted murder of Houston’s finest

By David Jennings
January 31, 2019

I watched in dismay as HPD Chief Art Acevedo once again used a crisis to push his political agenda while two of his officers lay in critical condition.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Acevedo pushes again for gun reform after shootings

Acevedo told elected officials to save their prayers. “I appreciate your prayers, but frankly we’ve got a community to pray for us,” he said. “The question is, what are policy makers willing to do besides prayers to address a public health epidemic [gun violence]?”

The guy has no shame. But then again, he works for possibly the most corrupt administration in the city’s history, so why would he?

I wasn’t the only one outraged by his behavior. A group called Texas LEO Wives also saw the press conference and released this statement:

Dear Chief Acevedo,

We barely have the blood washed off our officer’s uniforms and you are already grandstanding and politicizing this attempted murder of Houston’s finest.

The underlying “health” epidemic is drug manufacturing and drug use. Drug dealers give less than 1% of a crap about gun laws or gun legislation.

Do not speak for our friends and family members by discouraging thoughts and prayers being expressed to us in our time of need. Those thoughts and prayers help to reinforce that we are NOT fighting alone. We have people that genuinely care about us and the work our loved ones do.

You should be echoing the sentiment of “enough is enough” but no, that doesn’t suit your agenda.

Get off the soap box and leave us be, Chief. We are tired of being pawns in a political game.


I couldn’t have said it better.

After reviewing one of Bill King’s blogs about rape cases in Houston, I think it would benefit the city if the Police Chief focused on his job instead of public policy issues.

The Texas Department of Public Safety recently released its annual report for crime in Texas for 2017.[i] There are several troubling results for Houston but the number that jumps off the page is that rape was up by 13% in 2017, increasing from 1,210 to 1,366 rapes. That is nearly four rapes each day somewhere in the City. This is a continuation of a troubling trend that began after 2013. That year the number of rapes bottomed out at 618 cases. But since then, rapes have increased by 121%.

HPD solved only 39% of the rape cases in 2017. That is fairly consistent with its long-term historic and the national average. However, in the years 2010-2013, HPD solved around 50% of the rape cases on average and the City saw an historic drop in the number of reported rape case. Since then the clearance rate has been drifting lower.

Clearing rape cases would seem to be more important for the Police Chief of the Houston Police Department than ranting and raving about people praying for the health of wounded police officers, don’t you think?

EDITOR’S NOTE: As a former law enforcement officer, I completely agree with David Jennings. Politicizing the shooting of cops does not speak well for Acevedo.

Gun control would not have made a dime’s worth of difference in this case. Gun restrictions only effect law abiding citizens, not criminals.

When I was in narcotics enforcement, I was lucky that the raids I participated in did not have the outcome of this case. Getting shot could easily have happened to me and my fellow officers.

My understanding is that Acevedo was about to be canned as Austin COP when Sylvester rescued his sanctuary city-favoring ass.


Trey Rusk said...

Acevedo is a political shill.

bob walsh said...

Most big-city Chiefs are whores. Sometimes they like it, but that doesn't mean they aren't whores anyway.