Sunday, February 03, 2019


by Bob Walsh

Daivd Young, 44, is or at least was a drunken asshole. That combination of characteristics just cost him $21,260 dollars.

It seems that Mr. Young, who was as recovering alcoholic and went off the wagon rather spectacularly, decided to take up residence in the shitter on an outgoing flight at Calgary International. He was acting like a belligerent asshole very successfully, causing the captain to return the aircraft to Calgary and deplane Mr. Young. They had to dump about 20,000 pounds of fuel in order to make a safe landing. They did. It wasn't cheap.

Young was prosecuted. The prosecutor wanted $65,000 in restitution for WestJet. The judge ordered the actual cost of the fuel, which was $21,260 dollars. (I assume that is Canadian as the news piece comes out of Calgary, but I don't know for sure.)

He is also now effectively banned from visiting his mommie in Calgary and visiting Canada in general as he is a Brit and he is now on the airline shit list.

He is, however, back on the wagon and is again attending AA meetings.

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