Sunday, February 10, 2019


by Bob Walsh

Kellyanne Conway is a counselor to President Trump. Back in October she was at her teenage daughter's birthday party at Uncle Julio's in Bethesda when she was grabbed from behind. When she turned around Mary Elizabeth Inabinett, 63, grabbed her hands and started screaming at her and shaking her.

The cops have just charged Ms. Inabinett with second degree assault and disorderly conduct. Ms. Inabinett's attorney denies that his client assaulted Ms. Conway and asserted that Ms. Conway is a liar. It should be noted that the charges were brought by the local constabulary and not by Ms. Conway.

The incident went on for several minutes. Ms. Inabinett was forcibly removed from the restaurant, although it isn't clear if staff threw her out or the cops did. I am guessing it was staff because the cops would have presumably taken her into custody if they had had to physically remove her from the building. The incident occurred one week after the Brett Kavanaugh was worn in to the Supreme Court.

The charges are a misdemeanor. Trial is scheduled for next month.


Dave Freeman said...

And they are3 just now charging her? Seriously?

bob walsh said...

Must have been a very complex investigation. Misdemeanor battery can be tricky.