Thursday, April 01, 2010

FAMILY VALUES DOWN THE DRAIN This ain't no April Fool's joke

Sumbitch, what this country isn't coming to.

by Bob Walsh

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
March 31, 2010

A 15-year old girl in Trenton, N.J. wanted to make a little extra money so she went to a party in a high-rise apartment building and turned a few tricks for some ready cash. Her 7-year old half-sister was with her when she was engaging in her personal business venture. The old girl then gave the younger one some money so that she would let the men "touch" her. It went downhill from there.

The 7 year old was raped by many or maybe all of the 7 males, some adult and some juveniles, at the party. She was threatened with death by them if she told what happened. The younger girl then got dressed and left, her older sister stayed at the "party".

Two women found the 7-year old crying outside the apartment and escorted her home.

The older girl has been arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault, promoting prostitution and various other offenses.

The incident started when the two girls were playing in the neighborhood and two young adults approached the girl with an offer to attend the "party". She took the younger sister along rather than leave her unattended. The older girl voluntarily engaged in sex with several of the males present.

The parents had just reported them missing Sunday afternoon when the younger girl showed up at home.

The 13th floor apartment where the "party" took place was rented out, but the renters had been gone for some time. It is not known how the "party-goers" gained entry. Many of the apartments in the building are vacant. There is a very active police investigation under way.

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