Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Because Percy is not a veteran of Iraq or Afghanistan, he cannot be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But since he “has done a lot of bad things in his brief time on the planet,” he is obviously a victim of some sort of stress disorder. For starters, how about Post Childhood Abuse Stress Disorder? Upon closer inspection we may even find that he is suffering from Post Circumcision Stress Disorder. In either case, it would be downright cruel for the DA to even think about the death penalty for this poor fella.

By Bob Walsh

PACOVILLA Corrections blog
April 13, 2010

If the District Attorney of San Joaquin County is to be believed, Percy Lamont Camel is not a nice person and may very well deserved to be smoked, or, more accurately, strapped to a gurney and deliberately poisoned to death in the name of the people.

Young Percy Lamonte Camel has only 19 years pressing down on his shoulders. It is alleged that he has done a lot of bad things in his brief time on the planet. He is believed to have murdered two other young men and attempted to murder two more. That's not very nice.

Camel has been in the slammer for a tad over a month and has yet to enter a plea. He is accused in the December 1 death of Roberto Hernandez, 21 and the February 7 death of Francisco Bernardino, 24. In both murders there was a second near-victim involved, hence the attempted murder charges.

The defense is asking for more information on the case. The judge is being a little reluctant, waiting for redacted copies to be prepared. The attempted murder victims are a little squeamish about the possibility of Camel's road puppies getting a do-over on them.

The D A will make a decision in a couple of weeks, after the preliminary hearing, whether or not to go for the death penalty.

It is, of course, almost an academic exercise. Far more people exit The Row at San Quentin due to suicide or natural causes than get scragged in the name of the people. That situation will no doubt continue until the people of the formerly great state of California make up their minds about what they actually want from the criminal justice system, and impress their collective opinion vigorously on the movers and shakers.

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