Saturday, April 10, 2010


Several high school cheerleaders bought some drinks at a restaurant. At least one of them peed in a cup. Then they poured the pee into the drinks and gave them to some their unsuspecting teammates. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, at least two girls were slapped with in-school suspensions and others received lesser punishments.

In-school suspension, what in the hell is that? According to wiseGEEK, when a student is put on in-school suspension, he or she is removed from the traditional classroom environment and put into a special suspension classroom, led by a teacher or team of teachers. The suspension may last a few days or weeks, depending on the student's offense, and the student may be warned that future offenses could result in additional suspension or expulsion. For the length of the suspension, the student reports for classes in the suspension room, and he or she is expected to complete homework assignments, work on projects, engage with other students, and, of course, show up for class.

And as I understand it, while on in-school suspension, a student is not allowed to participate in any extra-curricular school activities. What those girls did is seen as a prank, but giving them only three days of in-school suspension seems like a prank on the part of the school system.

Of course, the most appropriate punishment would have been to make everyone ofthe girls involved in this sordid prank drink sodas spiked with the pee of their victims.

By Jim Douglas
April 8, 2010

SAGINAW — What started as a prank — spiking a friend's soda — has ended with Saginaw High School cheerleaders in trouble.

Now parents want to know why more wasn't done.

That's because the girls involved in the prank mixed urine with the drinks, then handed them out.

Their penalty? In-school suspension.

A video posted on YouTube shows the Saginaw cheerleaders in action. We can't show you what a few of them did one night during basketball season, but it's no secret around the campus.

"We're not allowed to talk about it in class," said senior Kaleigh Smith. "But in the hallways, you can bet people are embarrassed and disgusted."

Smith says a friend of a friend actually drank from a soft drink tainted with urine.

School officials confirm at least one cheerleader urinated in a cup, mixed it with soda and gave it to teammates.

They were told it tasted bitter because it had sour candy in it.

"The girls went around bragging about it," Smith said. "The girls who did the deed went around bragging about it."

But Saginaw ISD officials said they heard about the incident only recently. They said they confirmed what happened and punished the girls involved according to the student code of conduct.

"We look at the actual students involved," said Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD spokeswoman Kristin Courtney. "If they've been in trouble before, first offense, attitude of the student."

For student privacy reasons, the district does not comment on punishment.

News 8 was told the girls responsible are sophomores, and that most received in-school suspension for three days.

The father of one of the victims wants stronger punishment, and he's not the only one.

"You don't do it to a teammate. You don't do it to a friend. You don't do it to someone you hate," Kaleigh Smith said.

The cheerleaders involved also are not allowed to participate in cheerleading activities the rest of the year — but they can in the fall.

Students and parents tell us the incident did not involve varsity cheerleaders.

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