Monday, April 19, 2010


Blogger ‘The Gadfly’ responded to the following post with a well-deserved condemnation of the criminal justice system.

By Bob Walsh

April 17, 2010

A man described as a "wanted parolee" was arrested today for the rape, robbery and assault with pepper spray of a young Upland woman.

Frederrick Bruno, 31, is now a guest of the county at the L. A. jail.

He met the 25-year old victim at the San Manuel Indian Casino in Highland. She left with him, apparently voluntarily, at about 3:00 a.m. He drove her to an area south of Mount Baldy and raped her and sprayed her face with OC spray. He then drove away with her purse in the car. A good Samaritan passing by picked her up. The victim was hospitalized with minor injuries.

The surveillance tapes at the casino parking lot gave the cops the license plate which led them to a house where Bruno was staying about 8 hours after the original incident.

Bruno is now being held without bail. I suspect it will be hard to convince anyone the sex was consensual with the OC spray.


Thanks for the post Bob.

I know Mr. Bruno, from numerous prior offenses he committed in the City of Gracious living (as a juvenile and adult.) In my opinion, he was a career criminal offender before he ever hit our prison system. He has more than proven himself worthy of long incarceration.

Mr. Bruno is the poster boy of a failed criminal justice system. He was a documented gang member before hitting the adult system and, though he has been busy pursuing a "solo career," his record reflects a career criminal with no remorse. THAT should be the bar our system should anchor upon, violent or not.

Anyone who persists in criminality after failing probation, incarceration, and parole AND THEN re-offends, should be denied sweet plea bargains and low term bullets to shorter prison stays. Mr. Bruno shines as an example of how our system rubber stamps career criminals and gives them another opportunity to victimize the public.

I assure you that Mr. Bruno has no interest in rehabilitation. This new offense is a slap in the face to all law enforcement personnel (on both sides of the gate) who have tried their damnedest to protect the public from the likes of him.

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