Monday, April 19, 2010


Since Obama took office, there have been several conflicts between the U.S. and Russia and between the U.S. and China. Whenever the president tries to resolve these conflicts he makes nice, treating the two behemoths with velvet gloves. Not so with tiny Israel. Instead, an arrogant Obama tries to bully the Jewish state with an iron fist.

From a column by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown:

At their most recent meeting in D.C., Obama presented Netanyahu with a list of 13 demands. When the Israeli prime minister stalled, Obama stated he was going to have dinner with his family and wheeled around and left the room. This sort of rudeness is unprecedented when directed towards a close ally.

After the contentious meeting, the U.S. announced that Obama may outline his own roadmap to peace in the Middle East which would require that Israel cease building settlements in Eastern Jerusalem. Talk about going alone; Obama unilaterally is demanding new internal housing policies in another sovereign nation.

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