Tuesday, April 13, 2010


His lawyer claims this monster was delusional and paranoid. Maybe so. The do–gooders will say that he needs to be hospitalized. Screw the do-gooders. Even if this killer is a nutcase, I say put him to death!

by Daily Mail reporter

Mail Online
April 13, 2010

A baby boy was hacked to death in his pushchair, in an axe attack which left his mother needing surgery to reattach her face and jaw.

Harold Montague appeared in court in Las Vegas yesterday accused of the murder, which came moments after he stabbed his disabled sister-in-law at least 20 times in their home.

According to witnesses he then burst out into the street, randomly attacking Sonia Lisset Castro as she walked past with her four-month-old son in his pushchair.

Police said Montague used a mediaeval-style axe in the attacks, which had been hanging on the wall of his home.

After showing the court her severe scarring, Mrs. Castro took to the stand to describe the assault through a translator.

'My face and my head. Those are the parts of my body where he was striking me,' she said.

'I was saying in English, "Please, please leave me alone!" But he wouldn't listen to me.

'Every time he would hit me, he would laugh out loud. I was begging him to let me go, and he was mocking me.'

Mrs Castro was blinded in one eye by the attack.

Montague's sister-in-law, 36-year-old Monica O'Dazier, was treated at a hospital and released.

She has cerebral palsy, is mentally disabled, suffers seizures and can walk only a few steps with assistance. Montague had been her primary carer for six years.

Montague is charged with murder with a deadly weapon and three counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

He told police he had no memory of the incident in February, while his lawyer Norm Reed said he was delusional and paranoid.

A neighbour who called police as she watched the attack from her home identified Montague as the attacker.

Teresa Garner said that after Montague went back inside his home, she ran to help Mrs Castro.

'I saw the baby lying in the street, dead,' said Garner, a 52-year-old disabled former hotel worker.

'I saw the mother, her face was completely gone... bleeding profusely.'

Garner suffered an emotional breakdown after the incident, spending a week in psychiatric care.

On the emergency call, played in court, Garner was heard shrieking, 'Oh my God! Her face is split open where he hit her with the hatchet!'

Montague's wife Erricca, a mother-of-three, also took to the stand, saying she hadn't thought Montague was a threat to her family.

She said he sometimes smoked marijuana but never took other drugs or drank alcohol.

Following the hearing, which continues, the judge will decide whether to order Montague to stand trial.

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