Saturday, February 26, 2011


The Canadian Press reports that two Quebec Provincial Police officers are under investigation by the QPP for cooping (sleeping) in their patrol car while on duty.

They were caught on video early Thursday morning by Maxime Carpentier, an amateur videographer, who was driving by when he noticed an apparently empty police car parked with it’s motor running and ‘smoke coming from the bottom’ on Highway 40 about halfway between Montreal and Quebec City.

Carpentier stopped his car, got out and walked over to the patrol car where he saw the two cops cooping inside. He proceeded to videotape the zonked-out officers while exclaiming for the tape, ‘They’re sleeping on the job.’

The cops were awakened either by his videotaping commentary or by the ice crunching underneath his feet.

One of the cops immediately said, ’Let’s see your driver’s license’ and both officers had Carpentier wait around for a half-hour before giving him a $156 ticket for ‘performing an illegal U-turn in a zone reserved for emergency vehicles.’

Carpentier posted the 20+ second video online and plans to fight the ticket in court. The video has been widely viewed on YouTube.

Jean Guy Dagenais, president of the Quebec Provincial Police Officers’ Union, defended the pair by saying they could have been on their ‘union break.’ He said that a cop on his break ‘is entitled to catch a quick nap.’

If I were the lawyer for the cooping cops, I would have them swear they were only pretending to sleep so that they could catch anyone trying to discredit the police.

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