Saturday, February 12, 2011


Another example that justice in Singapore is not nearly as harsh as we’ve been led to believe. Now in Texas, the aggrieved husband would have just up and shot the bastard.

Hmmm, I wonder how Mr. Fook treated Mrs. Fook after he got through cleaning Mr. Oi’s clock? I’ll bet the Fooks did not fook that night.

By Elena Chong

The Straits Times
February 11, 2011

AN ENGINEER who beat up a man for smooching with his wife at a staircase near his flat early one morning was given the maximum fine of $2,500 on Friday.

Desmond Hua Chung Fook, 28, originally accused of causing grievous hurt, pleaded guilty to slapping and punching Mr Darryl Oi Weijian, 24, several times on his face and body, causing him to fall and suffer serious injuries. The incident took place at a staircase of a block of flats in Toa Payoh Central on July 2, 2009.

A district court was told that Hua's wife, Ms Zhang Huiqing, 29, had gone drinking with friends, including Mr Oi - an ex-colleague - at St James Power Station the night before. Mr Oi freelances in the IT industry. When Mr Oi took Ms Zhang home, he suggested a smoke at the staircase landing outside her home. She agreed. Eventually, they became intimate and hugged and kissed each other.

They were spotted by Hua who happened to come out for a smoke. Mr Oi took to his heels on seeing him and Hua chased him. He assaulted the victim on the left cheek. In the midst of the tussle, Mr Oi fell down the flight of steps.

He managed to pick himself up and head for the lift lobby where he was again assaulted by Hua. While tussling with the victim, Hua pushed him, causing him to knock himself against the railings. The victim was comatose when admitted to hospital and lost his memory for 32 days.

Hua could have been jailed for up to three months and/or fined for causing hurt on grave and sudden provocation.

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