Sunday, February 06, 2011


Bad things can happen to you when you’re in such a rush that you’ll forget to look for your chompers.

Police: Hit & Run Suspect Left Chompers In Vehicle
February 4, 2011

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Police arrested a 53-year-old man who they said crashed his stolen car into two other vehicles in Sacramento on Friday.

Sacramento Police Department said it received a report of a man who crashed his car, hitting two vehicles, fences and landscaping of two homes in the area of 24th Street and John Still Drive. Witnesses told police the man, who was bloodied and injured from the incident, fled on foot.

Police said a man, identified as James Brown, was arrested in the 7700 block of 24th Street.

Investigators said the officers were able to identify Brown as the driver of the car because his false teeth, which were knocked out when the vehicle's airbag was released, was left sitting on the floorboard of the vehicle. The car was later found to be stolen, police said.

Police said Brown was arrested for possession of a stolen car and hit-and-run charges.

Investigators said Brown has a history of escaping from law enforcement custody.

The Sacramento Police Department said a record check revealed that Brown, who initially identified himself as James Hackett, had an outstanding escapee warrant out of Washington, D.C.

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