Sunday, February 20, 2011


Veteran investigators describe this as one of the most horrific domestic violence cases ever seen locally. This Latin lover was reported to have tortured his estranged wife on and off for 17 hours. He released her after she made up a ruse to get away by convincing him she still loved him and pretending she had a job interview to go to, reminding him they needed the money.

When he eventually enters prison, I would expect human rights activist Dorina Lisson to make sure that those abusive and brutal uneducated idiot correctional officers, as she sees them, do not subject this ‘caged human being’ to ‘predatory animalistic behavior.’

By Richard Connelly

Houston Press Hair Balls
February 18, 2011

If the allegations contained in court papers are true, then Gregory Longoria Jr. is a very sick dude.

Documents show he's been accused of sexually abusing his estranged wife by -- and this is only part of what he's alleged to have done -- using hairspray and a cigarette lighter to burn her vagina and one of her nipples, and then pulling the burnt nipple from the body.

This was in the course of tying her up, gagging her, beating her savagely around the face and trying to smother her.

KHOU had the story first, and the Harris County Sheriff's Office will be holding a press conference on the case later today.

Court documents say Longoria went to his wife's parents' house and ordered her and their one-year-old daughter to come with him.

At an apartment in the 17700 block of Wayforest, he forced her to strip and began taking "obsene and erotic" photographs of her.

That quickly descended into the sadistic madness outlined above.

Longoria has a record that showed a checkered past: He's been arrested for theft, attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault of a family member and unlawfully carrying a weapon, KHOU reports.

Court documents indicate the wife will require reconstructive surgery and be permanently disfigured from the attack.

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