Sunday, February 13, 2011


This nation, its states and cities are finding themselves awash in a sea of debt and budget shortfalls. Deep budget cuts calling for a reduction in essential services and the elimination of some, are sprouting up at all levels of government. Most of the proposed cuts will come at the expense of the poor and elderly.

Moonbeam – Gov. Jerry Brown – wants to transfer California’s state parole system to the state’s counties. Gov. Rick Perry is calling on the Texas legislature to enact deep spending cuts in education, child health care and Medicaid. The Tea Party wants to reduce the size of the government, slash federal spending and cut taxes. Many cities are reducing the size of their police forces and some are even doing away with the police altogether.

This begs the question: Who gets stuck with all those budget cuts?

Moonbeam’s loony parole proposal will be a disaster for the counties of California and a serious threat to public safety. The counties, already on t he verge of bankruptcy, can ill afford to add the financial burden of a parole system. They would have to enact substantial tax increases to do that.

Gov. Perry’s axe wielding will force the cities, counties and school districts of Texas to pick up the slack. That will require a substantial increase in local property taxes because the local entities cannot just abandon its schoolchildren and destitute citizens.

If the Tea Party succeeds in achieving its aims, many government programs will be reduced and some will be eliminated. That means the financially strapped states will have to pick up the slack for those programs. More tax increases for the locals.

Whenever cities reduce the size of their police force they put the public’s safety at risk. When they eliminate their police altogether, the slack has to be taken up by the county sheriff departments. It’s either county tax increases or putting the public's safety at risk.

So, who gets stuck with all those budget cuts? It’s us, the local taxpayers. And we’re getting exactly what we deserve because we wanted our federal and state legislators to spend us into this mess and now we’re demanding that they ‘slash and burn’ the government programs we wanted in the first place.


Aussie said...

Stop whining ... if you want the ultra-expensive death penalty you all have to pay for it ... that means budget cuts!

BarkGrowlBite said...

Aussie, apparently you do not comprehend the English language too well. I was not whining. I was merely pointing out that the local taxpayers end up getting stuck with our federal and state budget cuts.

As far as the death penalty is concerned, keep your damn Aussie nose out of our business and stick it up your ass!!

Centurion said...

Ya...BarkGrowlBite ain't even from Kalifornia...he's from Texas. So BGB wasn't whining...he was laughing.

And the death penalty wouldn't be all that expensive if we would only adopt China's system.

A quick trial followed by a .22 short to the back of the head.

Cheap and effective...

Aussie wimp

Anonymous said...

SI SI. AmeriKKKan pigs stay out and stick ya heads up ya asses.
Ya hypocrites mind ya own stinkin business

List of atrocities committed by AmeriKKKa.

War of 1812 with Canada
1830's Trail of Tears
1830s Indian Removal Act
1846-1848 Mexican-American war
Native American wars in the west - usage of "scorched earth policy"
1898 Phillipines, Hawaii and Puerto Rico invasions
Philippine-American War 1899-1902
1902 Cuba takeover
1915-1934 Military occupation of Haiti
1942-1945 Firebombing of Japan
1945 - Hiroshima and Nakasaki
China, 1945-49
Italy, 1947-48
Greece, 1947-49
Philippines, 1945-53
Korea, 1945-53
Albania, 1949-53
Germany, 1950s
Iran, 1953
Guatemala, 1953-1990s
Middle East, 1956-58
Indonesia, 1957-58
British Guiana/Guyana, 1953-64
Vietnam, 1959-75
Cambodia, 1955-73
The Congo/Zaire, 1960-65
Brazil, 1961-64
Dominican Republic, 1963-66
Cuba, 1959 to present
Indonesia, 1965
Chile, 1964-73
Greece, 1964-74
East Timor, 1975 to present
Nicaragua, 1978-89
Grenada, 1979-84
Libya, 1981-89
Panama, 1989
Iraq, 1990s
Afghanistan, 1979-92
El Salvador, 1980-92
Haiti, 1987-94
Yugoslavia, 1999
Afghanistan occupation 2001-
Iraq occupation 2003-

BarkGrowlBite said...

BarkGrowlBite is proud to be an 'Amerikkkan Pig.'


Hopefully it's whatever country you're from, you jerk!

Centurion said...

Yup & Yup to the last two comments.

And we're gonna add Mr. Anonymouse to that list if we kin find em....

Centurion said...

and that goes for the Aussie too....

bob walsh said...

Dear Anonymous, you are an idiot. Perhaps you should do some thinking for yourself instead of merely parroting whatever bile is spewed by left-wing whiners such as yourself. America hasn't always done the right thing, especially towards our own indiginous people. We have, however, bent over backwards to both protect our own interests AND try to do things so that others will like us (which I am not entierly sure is worth the effort).

You neglected mentioning us bailing out much of Europe in WWI and saving much of the world in WWII.

You also neglected the simple truth that wars kill people. Dropping the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki might very well have saved as many Japanese lives as Americans.

You are blinded to reality (some of it admittedly not very nice reality) by what is, I expect, a combination of hate, shame and envy.

You should talk to your doctor, have your lithium increased.

Anonymous said...

Centurian admires China


China's says it 110% right on AmeriKKKa

AmeriKKKan jerks are soooooooo proud of what China and et all thinks of AmeriKKKa


and read the comments also LOL LOL LOL

AmeriKKKans need meds not guns


BarkGrowlBite said...

Your latest Amerikkkan-China-LOL nonsense convinces, without any doubt whatsoever, that you are a fugitive from a lunatic asylum. Do yourself a big favor and turn yourself back in. You really need help!!