Monday, February 07, 2011


Although Dorina Lisson submitted the following tripe as comments to ‘You Don’t Know What We Go Through,’ they deserve a posting of their own. The wrongdoing she writes about does occur, but only in isolated incidents. That is to be expected since there are more than 2,000,000 inmates in our state and federal prisons. With the daily abuse heaped on correctional personnel by inmates, it is a wonder that there are so few acts of wrongdoing.

There’s nothing like someone trying to dig them self out of a hole by digging them self deeper in it. The more Dorina writes, the more she makes herself look like a raving overzealous lunatic. You’ll get the idea by reading the following comments:

Obviously, I hit a raw nerve with some correctional officers who can't deal with the the truth, the facts.

If some correctional officers (only 20 percent are college graduates according to Centurion - only 20 percent - 20 percent only) don't like their job as correctional officers then they are free to quit, resign, retire, whatever. I suggest a job at McDonalds where frustrating abusive beef tactics can be released on the chicken burgers!

Me wasting your time? Ha!

BarkGrowlBite first writes a 'vile bile' about me and my work as a Human Rights activist, then he spreads his 'vile bile' with his gang of bullies who also insult me for stating the truth, the facts. This kind of emotional bullying is evidence of the type of crazed sadists that are being recruited to care and manage 'caged humans' - the abusive ways in which many prisoners are being treated as second class human beings.

I do have a 'right' of reply!

By the way, I have become immuned to abusive insults by crazed bullies who can't handle the truth. I am not afraid and I will never shut up stating the truth, the facts !!!


USA prisons among worst places on Earth:

Official mega-referenced Internet articles (too many to list here - do the research yourselves) include:

Various reports of rogue correctional officers' violations, misconduct, rape, retaliatory acts, beatings, smuggling dangerous contrabands and illegal narcotics, harassment and other vindictive actions, verbal threats, emotional, physical and verbal abuses, mail tampering, illegal punishments, filing false disciplinary charges or negative documentation on prisoners, ignoring legally promulgated rules, policies and laws. There are cases where prisoners are placed in isolation cells in retaliation for reporting abuses by prison staff or for telling the public these abuses.

So ... I ask, are you all ignorant, stupid, in denial of factual information, or are you all playing the game of the three wise monkeys in an attempt to cover-up some rogue asses ???



Centurion said...

No raw nerve was hit here.

I simply posed the question, "are you ignorant, or are you willfully presenting false information." To which I get...not an answer...but another angry response. So...which is it?

You're an educated woman, and obviously proud of it. Surely you can frame an answer to that simple question?

Dorina, most of the hard working people in this world do not possess a high school education, much less a high powered college degree in psychology. We seem to get along just fine. You however, college degree not withstanding, present arguments which consist of simple taunting and name calling.

The few "facts" you present are incorrect. In short, you bring nothing to the discussion other than your own emotional outbursts...much like an angry, petulant child.

You stated earlier that you would not waste your time any more by commenting on this blog. Yet you followed up with another emotional diatribe proclaiming your right to do so.

Oh you have the RIGHT to post your made up facts and your emotional outbursts here Dorina...even the ones where you state you will not be back followed up by additional angery outbursts. You're actually pretty pathetic.

Now, are you going to be a good girl and go away quietly, or continue to pester the correctional professionals who check in here to read BarkGrowlBite?

Respond if you must Dorina. We don't really care much one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

an angry arrogant group of childish typical americans that think they know everything yet they know jack sh*t

swim in your own vomit guys

Anonymous said...

bash each other to death why not

BarkGrowlBite said...

'an angry arrogant group of childish typical americans'

Arrogant no! But you bet we are angry!

We are angry that a bunch of uninvited foreigners, who don't know what they are talking about, are sticking their 'holier than though' noses where they do not belong.

BarkGrowlBite said...

Oops, that should have read 'holier than thou.'

Anonymous said...

The foreigners make a good point. Seems anger goes both ways when our country calls cries begs on foreigners to help us fight our dirty wars. Anyways wonderering the reason CO's are hiding behind their true identities, scared stiff of retaliations for crude behavior huh?

Centurion said...

Nice come back anon.

More Aussie "facts?"
Simple childish taunts. How pathetic.

It's a good thing we were there to save you Aussies from the Japanese back in the 40's. Folks like Dorina would have been arguing against using real bullets. (They could kill someone).

And our big bad anonymouse commentator would have been hurling rocks and vomit.

Funny stuff...

BarkGrowlBite said...

'hiding behind their true identities'

That's exactly what you're doing, you 'anonymous' left-wing jerk!

Why did I call you a left-wing jerk? Because you gave yourself away when you brought up that 'our dirty wars' crap.

And you obviously do not have the foggiest notion of how correctional officers are abused by inmates day in and day out.

Oh, by the way, those COs you are bad-mouthing are putting their lives on the line protecting your sorry ass!

Anonymous said...

Dorina, I have a news bulletin for you. Convicted felons ARE second class citizens, at least while they are locked up. They have proven to a jury of their peers that they can not be trusted with full freedom. They do not have any rights against unreasonable search and seizure. They do not have the right to peacefully assembly. They may not own or possess weapons. They
h can not go where they want, when they want, with whom they please.

Once they are released they will again have most (though not all) or the rights of free citizens, and many of the privleges of those who are not convicted felons.

May I humbly suggest that you open your personal residence as a re-entry facility for inmates who are returning to society. It would be especially helpful if you have any children or dependent adults living with you, you will not doubt be able to find a few EAGER care givers among the former guests of the government.

Then you can get back to us, in a year or so, and let us know how things worked out, if you are still around to tell the tale.

In the mean time, pick up a copy of Thomas Sowell's book, THE VISION OF THE ANNOINTED, and read it.

Bob Walsh

United States of Hispanics said...

Anon quote: Seems anger goes both ways when our country calls cries begs on foreigners to help us fight our dirty wars.

We all remember America begging like babies to every European nation like France Italy Germany Canada China & others

AWWWWWWWW the answer was No no no no

Folks like you are bozos still living in the 40s frothing at the mouth over atomic bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki in Japan killing millions of innocents

Go ahead & pretend its still the 40's kill as many of own as you want cause no one around the world cares really

Hispanic invasion coming soon

BarkGrowlBite said...

I don't know anything about that nutjob's Hispanic invasion, but I do know what the wife of a correctional officer wrote:

I obviously missed the start of this, but I’m going to throw my 2 cents in on an existing argument. Shut the F### Up, you ignorant inmate lovin’ POS [piece of shit]. My husband has “worked” for over 23 years to protect jackasses just like you. You either were in prison yourself or you have some relatives who are, because the norm is not to “blame” correctional staff for the idiotic, disrespectful, law breaking, murderers, rapists, chesters [sex offenders], thieves and drug induced leeches of society. Put the blame where it belongs. The main goal of any correctional staff is that they leave the institution after their shift in one piece. You have no idea what their jobs entail, but I do to a very high degree. I live with it and I see how stressful it is. So once again, SHUT THE F*** UP! Oh, one more thing Inmate Lover they have to EARN the right at being treated like humans when they act like animals!