Sunday, February 06, 2011


Dorina Lisson, the anti-death penalty zealot, accuses Correctional Officers of being abusive and brutal uneducated idiots. She claims to be an authority based on research she has done. Of course, that’s what you hear all the time form inmates, their family and friends, and from prisoner rights groups, all having an ox to gore. Dorina’s idiotic, unfounded and unwarranted put-downs have offended many correctional officers.

The vast majority of COs do not come anywhere close to fitting Dorina’s bill. They perform a very dangerous and thankless task under the most trying of circumstances. They are constantly abused by inmates who, by the way, are not in prison for singing off-key in the church choir. Hmm, besides visiting some creeps on death rows (assuming she’s done that), has Dorina ever done some actual and prolonged ‘research’ INSIDE any American prisons?

Dorina tells COs that ‘If you don’t like the job you are free to quit – try a job at McDonalds.’ Smart ass cracks like that make me wonder why she has such a hatred for correctional officers?

Dorina took offense to BarkGrowlBite and to Centurion by saying, “Who are you to judge me? You don't know me!” Now that works both ways. Who is Lisson to judge courageous correctional officers when she’s never walked in their shoes? How dare she malign COs based on isolated incidents of misconduct, on what she’s heard from inmates, their families and friends, and on the exaggerated allegations of prisoner rights groups.

Lisson also slammed BarkGrowlBite by saying, ‘Finally, I have better things to do with my time than reply to this 'bias' of a blog site (I note it doesn't attract many viewers nor comments). In Aussie slang we call it, a dead dingo's donger !!!’ Well, at the very least, this Dead Dingo did get her attention. ‘Bias’ – isn’t that the kettle calling the pot black? And all the stupid remarks Lisson has made on this Donger have also been posted on PACOVILLA Corrections blog, a blog that has very many viewers and generates a lot of comments.

Several PACOVILLA Correctional blog followers commented on Dorina’s wild accusations. One of them, ‘west40’ says:

Lady, you don’t know us, you don’t know what we go through during a shift either on death row or any regular yard or tier.

You don’t go home smelling of shit and piss because some jerk made a mess in his own bed and has to lie in it. Have you ever worked an Enhanced Outpatient (EOP) yard and had to run into a cell to hold up a [hanging] suicidal inmate or give him CPR? Have you ever stitched up an inmate who cut himself up or was cut up by others? Have you ever been socked in the face, or kicked, or spit on for no other reason than your uniform?

I have a Degree and a Nursing License and have worked the yards as an officer. I have experienced all of the above and have never abused an inmate. How dare you tell us what kind of people we are when you only come to do research and we’re there to pick up the pieces after you leave.

Put on a uniform and walk a tier, then give an unbiased opinion. or shut the hell up!!!!!


Centurion said...

The minimim educational requirement for state Correctional Officers in California is graduation from High School. 20 percent of California officers are college graduates, and many of those have advanced degrees (much like yourself, Dorina).

For someone who tells it like it is, you sure don't seem to know much about what it is you are talking about.

Which begs the question...are you simply ignorant, or are you presenting information which you know to be false?

When you present "facts" that are blatantly and easily proven to be call into question all your other assertions.

So it would appear that it is us...not you...who are wasting our time.

Dorina Lisson said...

Obviously, I hit a raw nerve with some correctional officers who can't deal with the the truth, the facts.

If some correctional officers (only 20 percent are college graduates according to Centurion - only 20 percent - 20 percent only) don't like their job as correctional officers then they are free to quit, resign, retire, whatever. I suggest a job at McDonalds where frustrating abusive beef tactics can be released on the chicken burgers!

Me wasting your time? Ha!
BarkGrowlBite first writes a 'vile bile' about me and my work as a Human Rights activist, then he spreads his 'vile bile' with his gang of bullies who also insult me for stating the truth, the facts. This kind of emotional bullying is evidence of the type of crazed sadists that are being recruited to care and manage 'caged humans' - the abusive ways in which many prisoners are being treated as second class human beings.

I do have a 'right' of reply!

By the way, I have become immuned to abusive insults by crazed bullies who can't handle the truth. I am not afraid and I will never shut up stating the truth, the facts !!!

Dorina Lisson said...

USA prisons among worst places on Earth:

Official mega-referenced Internet articles (too many to list here - do the research yourselves) include:

Various reports of rogue correctional officers' violations, misconduct, rape, retaliatory acts, beatings, smuggling dangerous contrabands and illegal narcotics, harassment and other vindictive actions, verbal threats, emotional, physical and verbal abuses, mail tampering, illegal punishments, filing false disciplinary charges or negative documentation on prisoners, ignoring legally promulgated rules, policies and laws. There are cases where prisoners are placed in isolation cells in retaliation for reporting abuses by prison staff or for telling the public these abuses.

So ... I ask, are you all ignorant, stupid, in denial of factual information, or are you all playing the game of the three wise monkeys in an attempt to cover-up some rogue asses ???