Saturday, January 18, 2014


Lee ‘Pepe LePew’ Baca’s department has been spending (stealing) money left behind by released jail inmates

At the time of booking, jailers will take any money carried by persons being locked up. The confiscated money is put into the inmates’ trust fund to be held for them until their release. Inmate family members and friends can also send money to inmates which will be deposited in the trust fund so they can make withdrawals to purchase items from the jail commissary.

An odious odor has long been emitted by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, and that's why I've been calling Lee Baca, Pepe LePew. Baca is resigning as Sheriff because his deputies have been kicking the supreme shit out of jail inmates. Now an audit of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office has uncovered that Pepe LePew’s department has also misspend $160 million from various special funds. Thursday’s audit report also revealed that in a two-year period, LASO spent over $1 million in money belonging to inmates which they did not claim upon their release. Any money not claimed by inmates is supposed to be transferred into L.A. County’s general fund.

L.A. County and sheriff’s officials claim that all the misspent millions did not result from any wrongdoing, but instead was caused by ‘accounting practices.’ Now if you believe that, I’ve got some prime beachfront property in Phoenix that I’ll sell you for a good price. The officials at the top of LASO are not stupid. They had to know they were misspending those funds, especially the money that rightfully belonged to released inmates.

While there may not be a law requiring that a jail inmate must be informed at the time of release that he is entitled to receive the money remaining in his trust fund, there is a strong moral and ethical obligation for sheriff’s officials to so inform him and to return his money to him during the release process.

Now some of you will say that it's tough shit if an inmate is dumb enough not to ask for his money during the release process. But that fails to take into account that the inmate is probably so excited over getting out of jail that, at the time, he simply doesn't think about any money remaining in his trust fund.

When LASO spends an inmate’s money, it is flat-out stealing it.

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