Wednesday, March 15, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Yes, various Second Amendment groups in the formerly great state of California are pursuing an action against the notorious state gun roster in the hope that, when it gets to the Supreme Court, the dreaded roster will fall by the wayside.

The Attorney General's office maintains a list of GUNS NOT KNOW TO BE UNSAFE. If you want to sell new handguns in California you must submit three copies OF EACH VARIATION for rather expensive destructive testing in order to have your gun certified to be not known to be unsafe. If, for instance, you make the exact same revolver with a 2" 3" and 4" barrel, round butt and square butt, fixed sights and adjustable sights, you must submit three samples OF EACH VARIATION for testing. This certification is good for five years after which it must re renewed.

Government agencies and individual police officers may buy guns not on the roster, but ordinary private citizens cannot.

This program of course has nothing to do with safe guns or unsafe guns, it is simply a way to make guns more expensive and to close off the market in California to suppliers that are unwilling or unable to undergo the extortionate testing program.

We can but hope.

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